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Assembly GOP’s irresponsible plan threatens public school and road funding

MADISON – Today, Assembly Republicans passed Assembly Bill 4, which will substantially interfere with the state legislature’s ability to invest in the priorities of the people of this state, including adequately funding our public education system, fixing our crumbling roads and bridges, and investing in main street businesses. The Republican tax spending plan will cost $490 million in its first year and $338 million per year thereafter, without providing a sustainable funding source. This reckless spending could jeopardize needed public investments to ensure that our people, and state, thrive. Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) vocally opposed the bill on the floor and issued the following statement:

“The way to pay for a real, sustainable middle-income tax cut is to roll back massive Republican tax giveaways to the richest Wisconsinites, including the almost $36 million in a tax giveaway going to 16 millionaires who each annually earn at least $30 million. But today, Republicans refused to rollback tax giveaways going to the richest Wisconsinites and reinvest in our hardworking low- and middle-income Wisconsin families. And Republican politicians signaled their willingness to continue to starve our K-12 public schools, that still aren’t back to 2011 funding levels when adjusted for inflation, the UW System, which has endured over $600 million in cuts, and transportation infrastructure, which continues to deteriorate.”

“Though Governor Evers and Democrats want low- and middle-income working families to have more money in their pockets due to the failure of Republican policymakers to grow the middle class and wages, we also recognize that we must invest in our people, our communities, and our children by supporting public education and public infrastructure—including clean water and safe roads and bridges. That is how our people and our state will thrive.”

“The good news is that a responsible budget plan can, and must, accomplish all of these goals. I look forward to Governor Evers’ budget, released in just 16 days, which will prioritize the people of this state, rather than continue the Republican political games that hurt Wisconsin families.”

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