Danika Laine, Communications Director
River Alliance of Wisconsin
608-257-2424 ext. 120

Poll Shows Bipartisan Support for Clean Water

Madison, WI – March 1, 2019 — The Governor’s proposed budget sheds light on Wisconsin’s drinking water emergency. “Clean water is the first thing all humans need. Unfortunately, more and more people in Wisconsin cannot drink the water from their tap because of lead in their pipes or pollution from a nearby farm. We have a water crisis in Wisconsin,” said Raj Shukla, Executive Director of River Alliance of Wisconsin.

“People across the state realize that this moment demands long-term solutions, not band-aid fixes like handing out bottled water. Every Wisconsin community and business deserves clean water. We’re worth it. In fact, we cannot afford anything less,” Shukla continued.

Wisconsin is fortunate to have beautiful rivers and lakes that are connected to our groundwater, which is the drinking water supply for most Wisconsinites. Keeping all of our waters clean has strong, bipartisan support. A statewide poll conducted by River Alliance in late 2018 indicated 95% of poll participants believe that “clean, healthy rivers and lakes are important to quality of life in Wisconsin.”

“Republicans and Democrats agree that healthy communities and a healthy economy depend on clean water. Elected officials have the opportunity to change the course of Wisconsin’s water future. Governor Evers’ budget begins to address our state’s critical water issues with the serious response they deserve. We’re hopeful that the Water Quality Task Force initiated by Speaker Vos will help drive progress as well. The challenge is big—and so are the consequences of failure. River Alliance of Wisconsin’s members will hold our political leaders accountable for investing in long-term solutions that prioritize clean water for all,” Shukla stated.

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