“With global climate change increasingly recognized as a major crisis, many in the US are excited about the Green New Deal as the kind legislation needed to address this emergency,” said Chuck Ogg of the Rock County Progressives. “Therefore we are are pleased to have Alexandra Tempus, associate editor of The Progressive Magazine and former researcher for Naomi Klein, speak on this topic at our upcoming forum. This event will be held on Wednesday, May 8, at *The Community Room, 1711 Lodge Drive in Janesville, at 6:00 PM. This event is free and open to the public.”

Contact information: RockCountyProgressives.com or RockCountyProgressives@gmail.com

Contact person: Chuck Ogg 608-322-2889 (for press purposes only, please do not publish).

* In Basics Food Cooperative, they ask that we please use “The Community Room.”

RockCountyProgressives.org, also on Facebook

The Rock County Progressives are a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to promote education and activism around progressive issues in Rock County. We usually have educational forms every second Wednesday of each month.

Additional Information:

Alexandra Tempus is associate editor of The Progressive. She has reported extensively on the ways climate change influences where and how we live at The Progressive, Orion, The Nation, Vice News, Verso books blog and elsewhere. She’s a 2016-2017 Climate and Environmental Justice Literary Fellow for migrant rights organization CultureStrike, and a 2018 Climate Solutions Fellow for the New Economy Coalition’s New Economies Reporting Project. Tempus served as a researcher at Rolling Stone, The Intercept, and BuzzFeed from 2014-2017. She was a lead researcher on Naomi Klein’s 2014 bestseller This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate. Follow her @tempus_flies.

Some of her recent articles include “Looking for Trump Country in Green Bay

With Wisconsin central to the 2020 race, the President descended on my hometown.”


“In Search of the Good Guys. There are good guys under capitalism. They’re just the ones actively subverting it.”

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