The Republican State Leadership Committee’s Judicial Fairness Initiative mounted a last-minute ad buy ahead of next week’s election trying to paint Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer as a tool of “radical, out-of-state special interests.”

The group, which traditionally backs GOP and conservative candidates, said it is mounting a seven-figure campaign that includes TV, radio, digital and mail ahead of the April 2 election. It is the first significant expenditure by an independent group on Brian Hagedorn’s behalf as Neubauer had so far held an edge in third-party spending.

One of the TV ads shows President Trump as the narrator says a conservative Supreme Court is “defending our rights, all thanks to your vote.” The narrator then says “radical out-of-state special interest groups” are spending millions to back Neubauer and “spreading false attacks against conservative, rule-of-law Judge Brian Hagedorn, just like they did against Justice Kavanaugh.”

The spot then urges viewers to vote next week for Hagedorn.

A second TV ad says liberal special interests are “pouring millions into Wisconsin” trying to “buy” Neubauer a seat on the court with an agenda that includes “unchecked illegal immigration, soft on criminals, socialism.” It then urges a vote for Hagedorn, “a rule-of-law judge.”

A 60-second radio ad includes similar themes with the narrator urging conservatives to vote because when “conservatives stand together and show up, we win.”

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