State Senator David Craig
(608) 266-5400

Madison, Wis. – Today, Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) responds to Governor Tony Evers’ Biennial Budget Address with the following statement:

“Restrictions on educational choices for families, subsidies for abortion providers, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, repeal of good-government reforms, and massive increases in taxes, fees, and spending – this budget is truly a Madison liberal’s dream.

“I held out hope that Governor Evers would extend a willing hand to partner with the legislature for the good of the state.  Instead he loaded his budget proposal with inflammatory, liberal policies and plans to drastically increase spending which would grow government beyond all estimates of what projected future revenues can support. 

“Despite Governor Evers’ highly-partisan efforts to grow government and increase the fiscal commitment of taxpayers, Republican legislative majorities will continue to govern responsibly by maintaining the successes of the last eight years.”

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