State Senator Alberta Darling

Madison – Patients and their doctors won’t have to “fail first” to receive the treatment they need. On Tuesday, Senate Bill 26 was signed into law.  The bill reforms step therapy protocols in Wisconsin. State Senator Alberta Darling says the new law provides common-sense flexibility for doctors to work with their patients to make sure they are receiving the right care at the right time.

“This is a huge victory for patients,” Darling said, “It will be much easier for doctors to prescribe the medication or treatment their patients need without unnecessary red tape.”

Step therapy is a process used by health plans that determines the order in which prescription drugs should be given to patients. While the goal is to lower health care costs, it can be an obstacle between patients and the care their doctors prescribe for them. Senator Darling says the new law helps protect the relationship between patients and their doctors while increasing transparency in healthcare.

“Too often, patients are required to go through step therapy even if they already tried the cheaper drug under a different health plan or when the cheaper alternative interferes with other medications they are currently using,” Darling said, “It can lead to delays in care and sometimes dangerous situations for patients. This new law helps fix those issues.”

The bill authored by Senator Darling and Representative John Nygren of Marinette, passed both houses unanimously brings common sense reforms to our health care system.

“I want to thank all the patient advocacy organizations who worked with Representative Nygren and I on this important piece of legislation. Your work has been vital to uplifting the passionate voices of the many patients you represent throughout the entire legislative process.”

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