State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) 608-266-5830
Darling Urges Support for the Republican Real Tax Cut
Madison- The Wisconsin State Senate is giving Governor Tony Evers a chance to fulfill his campaign promise of a 10% middle-class tax cut. On Wednesday, the Senate approved a real, middle-class tax cut for Wisconsin families. State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) says she hopes Governor Evers will follow through with the promise he made last fall.

“When Tony Evers said he supported a tax cut, Republicans hoped we could find a compromise with him. Our plan meets him halfway and funds it with money we already have, “Darling said, “Thanks to our reforms, Wisconsin has $2.4 billion more revenue than expected. Our plan returns much of it to the taxpayers.”

The Republican Tax Cut Plan will:
* Expand the sliding scale standard deduction under the individual income tax beginning in tax year 2020.
* Target taxpayers with incomes under $100,000 who will receive 87.9% of the decrease
* Lower the tax bill for all filers on average by $170
* Lower the burden for married joint filers on average $231

Senator Darling says Democrats can’t pay for their tax hike scheme.

“Even with a massive tax hike on job creators, Democrats can’t explain how they fully fund their plan. That’s irresponsible,” Darling said, “Our plan doesn’t redistribute wealth. We don’t raise taxes on some to cut taxes for others. We don’t pick winners and losers. If you are a middle-class taxpayer in Wisconsin, your taxes will go down.”

Senator Darling encourages taxpayers to contact Governor Evers and say “Cut our taxes, not our jobs.” Governor Evers can be reached by calling 608-266-1212 or by emailing

Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties.

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