Governor Evers signs Agriculture Land Tax Notification legislation into law

Contact: Emelia Rohl


MADISON– Today Governor Evers signed Senate Bill 13, legislation on the Agriculture Land Tax Notification, into law. Senator Dan Feyen (R – Fond du Lac) authored this bill for a constituent from the Town of Calumet who brought her concern about local government waste to his attention. This Agriculture Land Tax Notification legislation will help local governments save money by reducing unnecessary notifications for agricultural land assessments.

Annually the Department of Revenue assesses the value of an acre of agricultural land. Under this bill, municipalities would only be required to notify agricultural land owners if their property value changed by $500 or more. This will help conserve municipality funds while also ensuring that if there’s a significant increase in agricultural property value the owner is notified.

“Our municipalities are spending more money sending on the notification than they are receiving in tax revenue. Furthermore, if the value of an acre decreases, the municipality is losing even more taxpayer money to comply with state law,” Sen. Feyen said. “This common sense proposal will help reduce unnecessary government spending. Saving taxpayer money is always a priority and in this instance a little change will go a long way.

I am also proud to note this bipartisan legislation had unanimous support in the Senate and Assembly. If you have any suggestions on ways you think we could achieve smaller, smarter government please reach out to my office.”

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