Contact: Alec Zimmerman

[Madison, WI] 
 Following this week’s State of the State address by Governor Tony Evers, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald delivered the weekly Republican radio address.

Listen to the radio address here

Hello, I’m Senator Scott Fitzgerald, Majority Leader of the Senate Republican caucus.

This week, Republican Legislators were happy to host Governor Tony Evers to deliver the annual State of the State address. Republicans and Governor Evers disagree on a lot of things – but one thing that we do agree on: we have to work together if we’re going to get things done to keep Wisconsin moving forward.

During the last eight years, our state has benefitted from tremendous success. Under Republican leadership, Wisconsin has seen more people working than ever before and our unemployment rate hitting historic lows – even falling below three percent for 11 months straight. 

But that’s not all – our budget is running a surplus, our pension system is fully funded, and we’ve invested more actual dollars into K-12 education than ever before. Our reforms are working, and Wisconsin is thriving. 

Looking ahead, Wisconsin Republicans will work to make sure that all of these results are protected for the next generation, and that our prosperity can continue for years to come. We will fight to lower taxes on hard-working families, keep our state open for business, and make sure that Wisconsin is the best place work, live, and raise a family.

Listen to the radio address here

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