Contact: Sen. Hansen

Today’s comments from Assembly Republicans John Macco, Jim Steineke and Dave Steffen in response to Governor Evers’ renewed pledge to help fund the Greater Green Bay Visitors Center underscore the problem at the core of politics today.

“Rather than understanding they could all benefit from being seen by the public as working together with Governor Evers and Democrats to help our area, these Republicans chose to go along with their leaders in Madison to remove the visitors center and other projects in favor of creating their own special slush fund so they could deny Governor Evers any credit for his efforts.”

“Sadly, the result was one that could and should have been anticipated by anyone who understands legislative government and who truly cared about getting this funding in the first place. It is negligence on the part of every Republican legislator from our area who chose to go along with such a scheme instead of demanding that GOP leaders in Madison find some other way to play politics and keep their hands off of $2 million in funding for our area that was already included in Governor Evers’ budget.

“Had they stood up for our area instead of going along with the politicians in Madison $2 million in funding would already be directed to the visitors center.

“Their comments today only further to continue the partisan polarization that has not only resulted in lost funding for this needed project, but that still divides our state today and prevents us from moving our state forward on the issues the majority of people care about.”

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