Contact: Sen. Hansen, 608-266-5670

“Governor Evers’ budget goes a long way to addressing the challenges our state faces after eight years of neglect.
“After listening to the people he has put forward a budget that restores the purpose of government–to work for all the people not just the wealthy and privileged few:
  • “His budget provides greater educational opportunity for our kids from kindergarten through college and technical college and a path to helping people who are struggling with high interest student loans to refinance them at lower interest rates so more of their money goes into our communities rather than the Wall Street banks.
  • “It provides affordable health care to thousands of people who currently are unable to get it.  And it seeks to address two major areas of concern—the inability for too many of our people to access mental health services and dental care.
  • “It does more to help the economies and standard of living for people living in rural communities and who have been left behind the past 8 years by investing in a plan to provide high-speed internet and improve local roads that are critical for any business trying to compete or get their goods to market in the 21st century.
  • “Finally, as someone who has been fighting to create a non-partisan redistricting process I am happy to see that Governor Evers shares my belief that we cannot have a government that truly represents all the people if our elections are not fair.  Moving to non-partisan redistricting is a critical step in restoring people’s faith in their government and making government truly work for them, not the special interests.
“Governor Evers has introduced a budget that is truly of the people and for the people.  Now the hard work begins to find common ground and move our state forward.”
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