Madison, WI — In the midst of Governor Evers’ attempts to stifle work requirements in the state of Wisconsin, Senator Chris Kapenga praised President Trump’s administration today for announcing the closing of a loophole in the current food stamp program. This rule, which will take effect April of 2020, ensures that those who are able to work, do so for up to 20 hours a week. Senator Kapenga is the author of the Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reform plan that was signed into law last session.

“Work is the only way anyone has been able to build a prosperous life for themselves and their family long term. The loophole that President Trump is closing will stop robbing people of their purpose by moving them back into the workforce. I find it ironic that opponents of this policy claim people are being thrown off of welfare when in reality, they are being connected to work so they do not need to be dependent on government assistance. This is something that should be celebrated not ridiculed,” said Kapenga.

There are currently over 36 million Americans receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the United States, and this is in the midst of the highest demand for workers in our nation’s history. The same demand is true for the Badger State.

“Nearly all of the employers I speak to are out searching for employees. Work is a winning scenario for everyone, so it is disappointing to see our governor intentionally stand in the way of human prosperity. His actions to veto funding for workforce programs which connect individuals to work as well as delay the implementation of work opportunities for those on Medicaid make me question if he is actually working for the people of Wisconsin.”

Kapenga, current Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Benefits, Licensing, and State-Federal Relations Committee said, “I am going to be paying close attention to the Evers administration to ensure that the state of Wisconsin is enforcing work requirements appropriately. This is not a political issue; it is a people issue. Let’s do what is best for Wisconsin.”

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