“From day one, Governor Evers has been clear that public education is his top priority. Finding a way invest nearly $100 million more for our classrooms is a win for kids, families and communities throughout Wisconsin.

I along with people of Wisconsin would have rather seen the Republicans work with the Governor to bring home our federal health care tax dollars by expanding Medicaid, but it is tough to teach an old dog new tricks. It is unfortunate that the Republicans reverted to their old ways and opted for last minute political giveaways instead of bi-partisan negotiation.

At the request of their benefactors at the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Republicans removed a fix to the Dark Stores property tax scheme that has already shifted more than $500 onto the property tax bills of every Janesville homeowner.

The Republican budget singled out Wisconsin drivers by neglecting to have tourists from Illinois and semi-trucks pay their fair share to fix our roads and placed the burden solely on the backs of Wisconsin drivers.

By vetoing some of the most egregious political giveaways and finding more money for local schools, Governor Evers has made this budget better. In the end, the Governor Evers’s vetoes were thoughtful, measured and appropriate.”

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