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Today, Wisconsin Senate Republicans unanimously rejected an effort to vote on legislation to address the Dark Store property tax scheme.

State Senator Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville) attempted to bring the issue up for a vote. The Republicans used a procedural move to block the legislation, just as they did when Senator Ringhand attempt to bring the issue to a vote last year.

“It seems that the Republicans are helping the big box stores shift their property tax burden onto the back of homeowners,” Ringhand said.  “This move demonstrates how the Republicans would rather defend corporate lobbyists than the homeowners in their districts.”

The legislation (SB 130) is one of the most bi-partisan bills introduced in the legislature. Ten members from each party have co-sponsored the bill in the State Senate.

Senator Ringhand said that she will continue to fight for homeowners who are seeking relief from the Dark Store tax scheme.

“People throughout Wisconsin expect the legislature to be more than a support system for the corporate lobby.”

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