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State Senator Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville) joined a bi-partisan group of legislators voting against the state budget. According to Senator Ringhand, the Republican crafted budget is a missed opportunity by failing to address the key priorities identified by Governor Evers.


“We should have used this budget to invest more in our local classrooms, increase access to affordable health coverage and ensure that everyone in Wisconsin has clean drinking water, Senator Ringhand said. “Instead, the Republicans prioritized tax breaks for the richest people in Wisconsin while protecting corporate welfare.”


Senator Ringhand expressed her disappointment that the budget failed to address the Dark Stores property tax loophole. Throughout Wisconsin, big box retail stores have used the Dark Stores tax scheme to shift their property tax burden onto the backs of homeowners.


“The Dark Stores loophole has already shifted $560 from big box retailers onto the back of homeowners in Janesville,” Senator Ringhand. “Republicans have made a clear choice. They would rather stick it to homeowners and voters in their own districts than stand up to the big box lobbyists at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.”


Furthermore, the GOP transportation plan falls solely on the wallets of Wisconsin residents by increasing registration fees.


“The transportation budget is just plain crazy. They are jacking up fees for Wisconsin drivers, but let people from Illinois and heavy trucks off the hook. Just who do the Republicans represent?”


Closing the Dark Store tax loophole, fairly funding transportation, increasing access to affordable healthcare, protecting our drinking water, and providing great public schools will remain top priorities for Senator Ringhand, despite the disinterest of her Republican colleagues.





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