MADISON, WI – After a year dominated by Republican political posturing and petty gimmicks, Senate Republicans have adjourned for the 2019 fall floor period. Republicans have indicated they will not convene until January 2020. Given the lack of action to address the most pressing issues, Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) released the following statement:

“Wisconsin is a unique, vibrant state full of hardworking people with unparalleled potential. It’s our job as lawmakers to build off that potential by listening to communities and taking action to improve the lives of our constituencies. Unfortunately this session, hardworking families have been left behind by Republican lawmakers who continue to prioritize power grabs and petty political games. The Republican refusal to take up legislation that has overwhelming public support is a disservice to their constituents and the state.

“Municipalities are being hurt by the ‘Dark Store Loophole’ that allows corporations to shift their tax burden onto homeowners and small businesses. Individuals with pre-existing conditions do not have coverage protections at the state level. Convicted felons and domestic abusers can still purchase firearms without a background check. These problems persist because Republicans refuse to have a discussion or take action on solutions to address them. Despite Republican obstruction, Senate Democrats remain focused on prioritizing the people of Wisconsin and will continue to advance our Forward Together vision.”

Senate Republicans limited floor debate to 9 days during the 2019 legislative session and prevented the following issues from being addressed:

  • Coverage Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions (Senate Bill 37)
  • Child Care Affordability (LRB 3366)
  • Medical Cannabis (Senate Bill 507)
  • Family Medical Leave Act (LRB 0323)
  • Chronic Wasting Disease Testing Sites (Senate Bill 474)
  • Medicaid Expansion (Senate Bill 361)
  • Close Corporate “Dark Store” Tax Loopholes (Senate Bill 130)
  • Clean Water Protections (Senate Bill 302)
  • Closing the Gun Show Loophole (Assembly Bill 431)
  • Funding for Homeless Shelters (Senate Bill 122)
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