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MADISON – Governor Evers and Democratic legislators are pushing to expand access to comprehensive care through the use of medical marijuana. In his 2019-21 State Budget, Gov. Evers plans to include provisions to legalize physician-supervised access to medical marijuana, and remove barriers to cannabidiol (CBD oil) for children suffering from seizures.

“Most people view medical marijuana as an issue of providing comprehensive health care to those with serious illnesses,” said Shilling. “Medical research, scientific studies, and personal experiences clearly support the use of medical marijuana. I think it’s time for Wisconsin to join the majority of states that have already legalized medical marijuana to help treat patients with unbearable and debilitating pain.”

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 33 states including the border states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois. In addition to expanding health care treatment options, states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana have experienced a nearly 33 percent drop in deaths from opioid overdoses compared to states that did not have those laws.

“Opioids kill over 130 Americans every day,” added Shilling. “If we want to get serious about saving lives, everything should be on the table – especially since studies indicate that medical marijuana can be a more effective and less addictive treatment for pain. For cancer patients, glaucoma sufferers and other ailing citizens, medical marijuana is one potential tool health professionals can use to treat serious medical conditions and ease their suffering.”

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