(MADISON) – Today, hundreds of high school students from across the greater Milwaukee area walked out of their classes, protesting the lack of government action in response to gun violence. The demonstration comes in the wake of multiple shootings and threats in Wisconsin schools, including the December 2 shooting at Waukesha South High School.

Many of the students participating in the walk out want to see changes, including stricter regulations on who can legally purchase a gun, increased background checks, and greater accessibility to mental health resources.

In response to the walkout, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) made the following statement:

“When students march out of their classrooms and tell us they no longer feel safe in their classrooms, we don’t get to tell them they’re wrong.  Denying the tangible fear, confusion, and anger they’re feeling isn’t something we should do as lawmakers.  However, we can take real action to address gun safety, and stop gun violence before it happens.

Empty promises and prayers have plagued the fight to end gun violence for far too long. Time and time again, we voice our tremendous sorrows for the victims of gun violence, yet we make no changes.

Seventy percent of Wisconsin residents want common sense gun legislation.  The students are asking for common sense reforms and that gives me hope.  They will one day be the adults and voters, who can help us make that happen.”

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