“Unlike Governor Evers’ irresponsible budget proposal, the budget passed by the Republican Legislature puts Wisconsin on a reasonable, sustainable budget path by providing middle class tax relief and critical investments in education, health care, and transportation.

I am proud that the budget I support gives every taxpayer a tax cut, with the vast majority of tax relief going to taxpayers earning less than $125,000. Despite that tax cut, the Republican budget nearly doubles the size of Wisconsin’s rainy day fund, increases local road aids by 10%, matches Governor Evers’ proposal for general school aids, and matches Evers’ last three special education proposals by increasing reimbursement to 30%. We invested in health care by providing more money for Nursing Homes, Family Care, Medical Assistance Hospital Payments, and Personal Care worker – almost $400 million more than the Governor. Republicans froze UW tuition, again keeping college affordable and eliminated the backlog of maintenance in state buildings.

And all we hear from Democrats is “It’s not enough.” It’s never enough for the Democrats.
That’s why Governor Evers’s proposed over $1 billion in tax increases, and eliminated critical job-creating reforms. And it still left us with a $2 billion hole in the next budget. Governor Evers’ budget proposal was not only unrealistic, it was impractical and put critical safety nets at risk in the next budget.

The Republican budget puts Wisconsin on a path that will keep our economy strong, invest in our people and communities and puts our state on solid financial footing. I am proud to vote “Aye.”

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