As of Tuesday night 10/1, 612 Wisconsinites used SE WI NORML’s website to send out a combined 1,215 letters to their state legislators (both Assembly and Senate reps) in support of Wisconsin’s medical cannabis bill, LRB-1055. LRB-1055 was introduced on September 20th by a bipartisan group of legislators and will legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, allow doctors to recommend cannabis for a wide variety of conditions (including HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s, PTSD, and chronic pain), and allow patients to grow their own medicine.

These 600+ Wisconsinites are just a small sample of the 83% of Wisconsinites who support medical cannabis according to the latest Marquette Poll and the overwhelmingly popular medical cannabis referendums last November.
Given cannabis’s documented safety and efficacy in helping people with cancerHIV/AIDSneuropathic painseizure disorders, and much more, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of Wisconsinites support allowing patients to access safer alternatives to often-times dangerous prescriptions. With prescription opiate overdoses killing over 15,000 Americans in 2017, many people are drawn to the fact that states with medical cannabis laws have 24.8% fewer opiate overdose deaths than states without.
In light of the overwhelming public support and scientific evidence behind medical cannabis, SE WI NORML calls upon Senate President Roger Roth to assign LRB-1055 to the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services – where previous medical cannabis bills have gone – so it can have a hearing and a vote. It’s long overdue to stop turning patients into criminals for using their medicine.
SE WI NORML supports LRB-1055 and thanks Senators Testin and Erpenbach and Rep Taylor for crafting this bill.
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