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MADISON – Today, the State Assembly will vote on an unfunded GOP tax bill that will keep Wisconsin from achieving its true potential. Rep. Anderson released the following statement about the GOP tax bill:

“After eight years of cuts to our schools, our infrastructure, and the needs of our communities, Republicans are once again offering more of the same: cuts. Instead of a strategy that focuses on innovation and growth, Republicans are fighting to preserve the same ineffective corporate handouts that has left our state dead last in new business startups.

“What Wisconsin really needs is more money for our schools, our community colleges and the UW System so that we can train the next generation of leaders. We need to accept the Medicaid expansion so that we can save our rural hospitals, develop new programs for our seniors, and guarantee health insurance coverage for every Wisconsinite. We need new funds to rebuild our state’s crumbling roads and bridges, and begin new projects that will be the foundation of Wisconsin’s future.

“But we cannot build this future if we keep doing the bare minimum. Republicans seem fine with the status quo as long as those at the top are fat and happy, even while most Wisconsinites are living month-to-month, going to bed each night worrying that the next day will bring a broken transmission or an unexpected trip in the hospital.

“As it stands, Wisconsin is bleeding out. What Republicans keep offering are more cuts, trying to convince you that once we are out of blood, we won’t have to worry about bleeding any more. The problem, quite obviously, is that it’s difficult to live without any blood. Let’s give Wisconsin what it really needs: an infusion.”

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