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Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) released the following statement following Governor Evers’ Tuesday evening State of the State address:

“The state of Wisconsin is strong thanks to the sound economic policy and wise prudence of our Republican legislature and Governor Walker over the past 8 years. We can now boast the fewest home foreclosures in 18 years. Unemployment remains at or below 3% for a record 11 consecutive months. There is a net influx of residents to our state. And our public schools are at a record funding level.

“That is why I find myself so greatly disappointed by the governor’s divisive State of the State speech on Tuesday. In the same address, Governor Evers spoke of wanting a cooperative spirit of bipartisanship while also expressing an unyielding expectation that all legislation be completed as he dictates. He was clear that he refuses to compromise and even failed to simply recognize the strong starting point from which he governs.

The Republicans in the State Assembly have more than shown their willingness to find common ground with the governor and will continue to do so in the remainder of this session. However, we understand that we were also elected by the will of the people. Those people did not send me to represent them by increasing their tax burden, expanding Medicaid, and denying their constitutional rights. Constituents can be assured that I will continue to stand up for them while still looking to find areas where we can work with the current administration.”

Barbara Dittrich

Representative to Wisconsin’s

38th Assembly District

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