MADISON – Rep. Bob Kulp joined Rep. Pat Snyder (R-Schofield) at Merrill Steel in Schofield
today to highlight the importance of easing the tax burden on Wisconsin families.
“What we have learned over the past 8 years is that we can invest in great schools, take care of the elderly, expand services for veterans and people with disabilities, ensure access to affordable health care, run government efficiently AND cut taxes,” said Rep. Kulp. “We will continue to govern with common sense, and promote an environment that supports the creation of more good, family-supporting jobs.”

A new memo released by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) finds cumulative savings from tax cuts over ten years top $12.6 billion dollars. LFB tallied reductions from legislation beginning in January of 2011, and found during the ten year period of 2011-12 through 2020-21, the total savings for taxpayers will be $12.667 billion under current law. This includes reductions in property taxes, income taxes, franchise and economic development taxes and general fund taxes.

Governor Tony Evers’ budget changes course by spending all of the current surplus, and adding $1.2 billion in tax and fee increases.
“State revenue is up, and thanks to our solid fiscal management the state has an estimated $691 million surplus. At a time like this it is not responsible to suggest Wisconsin residents dig deeper in their pockets to fund excessive government spending.”

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