Contact: Rep. Greta Neubauer, 608-237-9166

To truly protect people with preexisting conditions, withdraw Wisconsin from the ACA lawsuit.

MADISON, WI – Today, Representative Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement regarding 2019 AB 1 on preexisting conditions:

“Today, we had the opportunity to take concrete action to protect healthcare access by withdrawing Wisconsin from the lawsuit attacking the ACA. Instead, my Republican colleagues have put forth a bandaid bill, in case their attacks on the ACA succeed.

“The people of Wisconsin spoke loud and clear last election cycle: They want access to quality and affordable healthcare. The bill we passed today demonstrates that even my Republican colleagues cannot ignore this consensus. While the bill I voted for today would ensure that a Wisconsinite cannot be dropped from their insurance or barred from getting insurance due to preexisting conditions, if the ACA fails, the cost of maintaining health insurance, through premiums and copays, will become prohibitive. Should the ACA fail, even more Wisconsin families will not be able to afford insurance, regardless of whether they have preexisting conditions.

“This bill would not be necessary if my Republican colleagues would listen to the people who elected us, and allow Attorney General to withdraw the State of Wisconsin from the misguided lawsuit attacking the ACA. Today’s vote on 2019 AB 1 was a start, and only that. Wisconsin families deserve affordable healthcare, not bandaid bills and expensive lawsuits. I hope my Republican colleagues will see the same and act to protect all elements of healthcare access in Wisconsin, instead of tearing down the foundation of our access.”

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