Madison— Today State Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) issued the following statement after Assembly Republicans held press conferences across the state to reaffirm their commitment to keeping the Wisconsin tax burden low:

“Today I stood with Assembly Republicans to reaffirm our commitment to all hard-working taxpayers that we will continue to fight to protect their tax dollars. With another tax day upon us, it’s important to remember where our state’s revenue comes from. Governor Evers’ budget proposal raises taxes on Wisconsin families by more than a billion dollars; this is not protecting Wisconsin taxpayers.

“The Republican legislature, through responsible fiscal policy and tax reduction, has managed to cut Wisconsin’s tax burden by more than $8 billion since 2011, while at the same time increasing revenues. This has led to a budget surplus of nearly $600 million and a rainy day fund of more than $300 million. According to a new Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) memo, in the ten year period from 2011-2021, based on Republican legislative tax reductions, Wisconsin is projected to save more than $12 billion in property, income, franchise and general fund taxes.

“With such amazing progress, it would be foolish to take a step backwards by increasing taxes a billion dollars on Wisconsin families. The Assembly will continue to be serious about protecting our Wisconsin taxpayers.”

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