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MADISON – State Representative Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) announced her support for the U.S. women’s soccer team, who filed a lawsuit yesterday accusing the U.S. Soccer Federation of gender discrimination. The complaint, which names 28 members of the team as plaintiffs, was filed on International Women’s Day—less than three months before the start of this year’s Women’s World Cup.

“I applaud these women for taking bold action against pay discrimination. It’s atrocious that the members of our U.S. women’s team, who won the last World Cup, were paid less than a third of what the men’s team received for losing in the round of 16. An athlete’s gender should have nothing to do with how much they are paid.”

Rep. Sinicki has been fighting for gender pay equity throughout her 20 years in the state Assembly. In 2009, she and Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) passed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act — the only gender pay equity bill to become law in Wisconsin. The act imposed stronger penalties on employers for gender pay discrimination, holding them liable for compensatory and punitive damages as opposed to simple back pay. It was repealed by Gov. Walker and Republican legislators two years later.

“Americans believe that everyone deserves a fair shot and an equal opportunity to succeed. When women or any other workers bring home less income because of discrimination, it affects everyone. Families have less money to spend or invest, which stifles economic growth, limits opportunities, and holds our communities back.”

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