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Rep. Sinicki Praises Gov. Evers’ Proposal for Non-Partisan Redistricting
MADISON-Representative Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) responded on Wednesday to
Governor Tony Evers’ decision to include a nonpartisan redistricting plan in his budget
proposal. Governor Evers’ proposal would prevent partisan politicians from rigging
district maps in order to preserve and expand their majorities. Rep. Sinicki made the
following statement:

“It is outrageous that Republican legislators have been able to draw their own
rigged district boundaries, essentially guaranteeing that they will maintain power
no matter what the voters want. This extreme partisan gerrymander makes many
Wisconsinites feel that they don’t have a voice in state government and ultimately
corrodes our democracy. It is the voters’ right to choose their legislators, not the
other way around. I applaud Governor Evers’ plan to return power to the people
of Wisconsin and ensure fair election maps.”

Governor Evers’ plan would create an independent commission to redraw Wisconsin’s
district lines based on population. The commission could not use information like voting
patterns or demographic information to influence their decision. The legislature would
vote on the proposed map, but would have limited ability to amend the committee’s
decision. This plan would not give preference to either party in the upcoming 2021
redistricting process, and would result in a more fair election process.

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