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Madison – Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt today circulated legislation that will help crack down on human trafficking in Wisconsin.  Rep. Thiesfeldt’s ‘Fight Human Trafficking – Trucker Education Bill’ will implement a non-fiscal human trafficking teaching component for all new truck drivers in Wisconsin.

“There are many more truck drivers on our roads today than law enforcement,” said Rep. Thiesfeldt.  “Truck drivers are in a unique position to be able to watch for signs and report any and all suspicious activity related to human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a heinous crime happening in every single county in Wisconsin, and when it comes to traffickers soliciting and using young girls and boys, time is of the essence.  This bill will give truck drivers the tools and information they need to help combat human trafficking.”

Rep. Thiesfeldt’s ‘Fight Human Trafficking – Trucker Education Bill’ is currently being circulated in the Legislature for co-sponsors.  Once the bill is formally introduced, it will be given a bill number and will start making its way through the legislative bill-making process.  Senator LaTonya Johnson will be introducing a companion bill in the State Senate.

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