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State Senator Janet Bewley & State Representative Beth Meyers jointly circulated legislation on Tuesday, January 15th which will designate the Ruffed Grouse as the state small game bird. The idea for this designation came from students from the Class Act Charter School in Park Falls, Wisconsin. These students are members of the Tracy Lake Ruffed Grouse Habitat Team and have worked hard to protect and raise awareness of this
important Wisconsin bird.

The ruffed grouse has all our feathers ruffled. It has been hunted in Wisconsin since 1851, making it one of the longest managed game birds in Wisconsin state history. In that time, the ruffed grouse has been called many names, such as the all-American gamebird, as well as quite a few that are unprintable by hunters who have experienced the bird’s uncanny talent for dodging shotgun pellets. Aldo Leopold once said, “There are two kinds of hunting: ordinary hunting, and ruffed grouse hunting.”

“Game hunting is vital to our community and our economy. We are proud to acknowledge Northern Wisconsin’s favorite game bird, the ruffed grouse. We ask our colleagues to join us in recognizing our heritage and one of our favorite pastimes,” said Senator Bewley.
“This is an exciting legislative proposal for the state of Wisconsin, especially Price County.

Park Falls is the ruffed grouse capital and having the ruffed grouse designated as the state’s small game bird increases the awareness of Northern Wisconsin and our hunting heritage,” said Representative Meyers.

Both legislators are hopeful that this legislative proposal will quickly work its way through the legislature and will be signed into law.

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