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Evers’ misses the mark again and hinders the operation of state government

Madison, WI – Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) released the following statement in response to Governor Evers’ decision to rescind 82 gubernatorial appointees:

Governor Evers has again missed the mark by rescinding these 82 appointees.  The vast majority of these appointees are everyday Wisconsin citizens without a political agenda.  So there is simply no reason to have rescinded these appointments. 

Governor Evers’ actions reveal a partisan approach that places his agenda ahead of good government and the smooth operation of the board and commissions on which these appointees serve.  For example, Governor Evers has reduced the Hearing and Speech Examining Board from 6 members to 2, denying them a quorum at future meetings.

Among the rescinded appointees are several constituents of the 20th Senate District and I hope that the Governor’s brash action does not deter them or others from volunteering their time for these boards and committees in the future.

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