Contact: Sarah Smith,

MADISON- Today, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) approved financing for important public safety improvements around Wisconsin.

The town of Greenville, in Outagamie County, will now be able to build a public safety building for the town’s fire and police departments. BCPL is providing them with over $6 million in financing that will provided a proper decontamination area, vehicle bays, and conference rooms for planning.

“Fire, police, and other emergency services are essential to our community’s overall wellbeing. We have an obligation to make sure public safety needs are appropriately financed, and I’m glad we can support the Greenville’s fire and police departments.” said board chair, Treasurer Sarah Godlewski.

The village of Twin Lakes, in Kenosha County, is also received financing to purchase a fire truck. Both Twin Lakes and Greenville fire departments operate with primarily volunteers.

“Volunteer fire departments are prevalent across Wisconsin and often lack the resources necessary to provide fast and effective service to their community. The state trust fund financing program is intended to be used by communities like Twin Lakes that provide the needed resources to local governments,” stated Godlewski.

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