KENOSHA – Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski hosted a listening session today in Kenosha to hear about the barriers people face in order to adequately save for retirement. As the Chair of Governor Evers’ recently-created Retirement Security Task Force, Godlewski is working to ensure that first-hand accounts from Wisconsinites are front and center in developing solutions for our state. 

All Wisconsinites deserve to have peace of mind and financial security when it comes time to retire. By traveling around the state and listening to people of all ages, Godlewski and the Retirement Security Task Force seeks to build a greater understanding of the retirement crisis facing Wisconsin.  

“When we launched the Retirement Security Task Force just a few weeks ago, it was because people deserve to retire with dignity. I said the first step to truly finding solutions is to stop talking and start listening, which is what I’m here to do today.” said Treasurer Godlewski. “By hearing people’s stories, we can better determine ways to help people save and make financial security in retirement a reality for everyone.” 

The typical working-age household has less than $3,000 in retirement savings. It’s not that Wisconsinites don’t want to save, it’s that they have been living under economic conditions that have made saving either impossible or inaccessible.   

Recently, AARP Wisconsin did a study that identified 1 in 7 registered voters in Wisconsin have no way to save for retirement at work. Yet, 82% would take advantage if a savings program for retirement was available.  

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