(Madison) – The Survival Coalition of more than 30 disability organizations supports today’s Executive Order from Governor Tony Evers designed to improve access to state photo ID’s for the purpose of voting. Survival Coalition membership hears from people with disabilities statewide who do not drive, do not have a driver’s license and have experienced barriers in obtaining acceptable photo ID’s so they can vote. Wisconsin has an option for obtaining a free ID at Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices, but many people with disabilities cannot get transportation, especially at DMVs not located on public transit routes and in rural areas where many DMV locations have limited hours of operation. This is a positive step to assuring that all Wisconsin citizens have an equal opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

Survival Coalition Co-Chairs:
Beth Swedeen, (608) 266-1166; [email protected]
Lisa Pugh, (608) 459-9385; [email protected]
Kristin Kerschensteiner, (608) 267-0214; [email protected]

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