“With the passing of Daniel “Danny” Berkos we lost a friend whose impact extended across countless communities. Even though Danny was from Illinois, our shared appreciation for Juneau County served as the foundation for our early law partnership. I always believed his strong sense of community drove him to relentlessly fight for those he represented both in and out of the courtroom—a genuine commitment to help that I and countless others experienced. Danny’s indelible sense of fairness is why I appointed him to the State Public Defenders Board in 1987, a challenge he readily-accepted resulting in stronger representation for the under-served and his repeated selection as Board Chairman in recognition of his leadership until his passing.

Danny was a successful businessman and also Juneau County District Attorney, but most-importantly he was a great family man and friend to the greater-legal and criminal justice community, City of Mauston, Juneau County, the State of Wisconsin. He was a great personal friend and beloved member of my family, his passing rekindles great memories and also delivers a loss no single man can fulfill.”

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