Contact: Madison Wiberg

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congressman Mike Gallagher introduced the No CODELs During Shutdowns Act, legislation to prevent Members of Congress from going on Congressional delegation (CODEL) trips during a government shutdown. The legislation is part of a broader effort, led by Rep. Gallagher, to fix Congress’s budgetary dysfunction and increase accountability. The bill does not affect a member’s ability to travel back to their district to hear from constituents during a shutdown.

“If we haven’t finished our official business of funding the government, then we shouldn’t be going on taxpayer funded trips outside of our districts. This is just common sense,” said Rep. Gallagher.

Background: Funding for official Congressional travel dates to the 1954 Mutual Security Act. The act gives Members of Congress a permanent on-going appropriation to conduct official business around the world. Since this is a permanent appropriation, it is not subject to a lapse in regular appropriations. Congressional Delegations are generally supported by staff from executive agencies which are subject to regular appropriations.

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