Washington, DC—Today, Rep. Ron Kind cosponsored the Jumpstart Our Businesses By Supporting Students (JOBS) Act, a bipartisan bill that would allow students to use federal Pell Grants—needs-based grants for low-income and working students–to pay for short-term job training programs. The JOBS Act would remove the financial burden of job training programs so that students are able to afford high-quality short-term job training programs and ready to enter the job market with the skills that are in demand.

“This is common-sense legislation that will not only benefit our students—but benefit Wisconsin’s businesses and overall economy,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “When traveling around the district employers are struggling to fill positions with qualified and skilled employees. By making job training programs affordable and accessible for more students, we are helping folks enter the workforce, ready to work and without a mountain of debt.”

This cosponsor is a part of Rep. Kind’s ongoing effort to pass common-sense legislation to lower costs and expand access to the classroom for Wisconsin students through his Higher Education Action Plan—introduced last month and focuses on the following areas:

  • Reduce Student Debt
  • Increase Affordability
  • Expand Opportunity & Access
  • Improve Transparency
  • Support Workforce Development
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