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Phone: 202-225-5506
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Ron Kind released the following statement after voting to hold Attorney General Barr and Secretary Ross in contempt of Congress after failing to provide information related to adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census:
“As a former special prosecutor, I take serious issue with any administration that tries to withhold information from the public and refuses to comply with reasonable congressional requests. Congressional subpoenas are not optional, they serve as a way for Congress to fulfill its constitutional duty of serving as a check on the executive branch. When a member of an administration receives a request from Congress, they should comply with the request, and if they don’t, they must be held accountable—regardless of political party. In 2012, I voted to hold Attorney General Holder accountable when he failed to comply with Congress’s reasonable request, and today I voted to hold Attorney General Barr and Secretary Ross accountable for doing the same.”
In 2012, Rep. Kind was one of 17 Democrats who voted to hold then-Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress.

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