Samara Sheff

Washington D.C. –
 Today, the Supreme Court made a 5-4 decision that federal courts cannot play a role in limiting partisan gerrymandering. Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“Sadly, I’m not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision. For decades, Republicans have used voter suppression efforts as a tool to maintain their power. Gerrymandering is merely another instrument used to dismantle American democracy.

The Republicans are failing to address issues most important to Americans and know opportunity lies in suppressing the voices of the American people.

Their last hope for maintaining power lies in packing and cracking congressional maps and enacting discriminatory voter ID laws.

These efforts disproportionately hurt people of color and diminish their voices in the democratic process. For communities of color, the power to vote has been historically suppressed and it’s troubling to see these efforts receiving a greenlight from the highest court in the land.

It is a sad day for our democracy, but we should not be defeated because I, along with House Democrats will keep fighting to strengthen our democracy and oppose voter suppression efforts every step of the way.”

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