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The Trump administration has proposed regulations that will end food stamp benefits for 3 million people by restraining states from being able to automatically enroll residents in SNAP who receive welfare benefits. Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“Adequate nutrition is a necessity for all Americans, but we know that food insecurity continues to be a struggle for millions, including many Wisconsinites. Despite the national employment statistics, we know that many families and individuals are still struggling and programs like SNAP remain vital to meeting life’s most basic needs. SNAP, or FoodShare in Wisconsin, helps vulnerable children, seniors, and the disabled, and ensures that people at risk of hunger.

Now, the Trump Administration has proposed a rule to cut millions from SNAP. You may not know what “categorical eligibility” is, but it helps ensure that low-income people who participate in other safety net programs have access to SNAP without additional bureaucratic steps. At least forty states have seen the benefits of using this tool to simplify programs for those in need. This proposal is another attempt by this Administration to punish people and make their lives even harder, including the children who will lose access to free school meals because of these changes.

For too many kids, the only sure meals that they can count on any given day are provided in school. Why make it harder for children who are eligible for free and reduced-price meals, breakfast and lunch, to access these programs?

We can’t afford to let this President’s distractions make us lose sight of the harmful policies coming out of his Administration that will have real, negative impacts in communities across America. This proposal is an insult to Americans and should be rejected and swiftly repealed,” said Rep. Gwen Moore.

“Government exists to help people and stripping 25,000 Wisconsinites from federal food buying power is bad for the economy and bad for business; it’s a dastardly act,” said Sherrie Tussler, Executive Director of Hunger Task Force. “The Trump Administration seeks to eliminate SNAP eligibility for people living right at the poverty line. This includes seniors, people with disabilities who have a modest savings, and working families who would automatically lose their food buying power if given a minimal wage increase. Seeking to change a process called “categorical eligibility”—intended to ease the paperwork burden of both government and applicant—is wrongheaded. Feeding the poor is the right thing to do.”

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