Washington, DC—Today, Rep. Ron Kind voted against a rash, backroom budget deal that is not paid for and would add $1.7 trillion to the country’s debt over the next ten years. The U.S. annual deficit is on track to exceed $1 trillion this year — the highest level since 2012, when much of the country was still climbing out of the recession. In fact, deficits have never been so high outside of wartime or an economic recession.

“Less than two years after Republicans passed tax cuts that added $2.3 trillion to the country’s debt, we are now going to add on another $1.7 trillion on the credit card? Frankly, that’s negligent,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “This fiscally irresponsible deal struck by congressional leadership and the administration is in the interest of what’s best for the next election, not the next generation. I’m not afraid to stand up to Republican or Democratic leaders to do what’s best for our country’s future. We can’t keep saddling future generations with massive debt because Congress keep passing bills that aren’t paid for.”

Rep. Ron Kind has been ranked the second most independent member of Congress because he is not afraid to stand up to party leadership or special interest groups to do what’s best for Wisconsinites.

Instead of passing a budget that raises the national debt, Rep. Kind has long supported plans that would institute a bipartisan approach to balancing the budget and solve the ongoing budget deficits.

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