Contact: Sally Fox

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Bryan Steil delivered his first U.S. House of Representatives floor speech on the importance of ending the government shutdown. You can watch and download a video of his floor speech here.

Full text of floor speech is below:

Madame Speaker,

I am frustrated.

For 26 days, critical functions of the federal government have been nonoperational. Coastguardsmen have not been paid and there is no end in sight.

We must work together to pass a bill, end the shutdown, and fund security measures at our border. Put all 435 of us in a room with no phones and no televisions until the job is done.

I came from the private sector and in the private sector, you do not leave until the job is done.

Is our job done here in Washington?

Did we end the shutdown?

Did we adequately fund border security?

The answer is no, we have not.

House leadership has refused to bring any serious attempt to open the government and address critical border security needs to the House floor.

Rather than playing political games with government funding, let’s work on solutions. I’m ready to stay here until we get the job done.

Let’s get to work.

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