Contact: Sally Fox
[email protected]

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Bryan Steil released a statement following his vote against H.R. 1.

“Our election system can be improved. We must protect voting rights and improve transparency. There are several provisions in H.R. 1 that I support. In fact, many of these policies have already been implemented in Wisconsin. Our state has early voting and same-day registration. Wisconsin gives those previously convicted of a crime who complete their sentence the ability to vote. While I agree with the intentions of H.R. 1, there are several policies that fail to improve our election process. H.R. 1 obstructs states’ ability to administer their own voting practices, mandating automatic registration and allowing sworn statements of identification instead of a government issued ID. The bill also allows taxpayer dollars to be used to fund negative political television ads and line the pockets of political consultants. The negative impacts of H.R. 1 outweigh the positive changes that would be implemented.”

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