Contact: Sally Fox


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, with Bryan Steil’s support, the House of Representatives passed the Homeless Veteran Families Act. Steil is a cosponsor of the bill and it now awaits passage in the Senate.

“Supporting veterans should always be a nonpartisan issue, especially when dealing with veteran homelessness. Nearly 40,000 veterans are homeless. There is a real need to help these men and women and their families. Veterans and their children should not be out in the streets because of federal bureaucracy. I’m glad I could join my colleagues to ensure the VA adequately helps veteran families. This bill gives veterans and their children access to housing, resources, and assistance needed to help veterans get back on their feet.”

On Background:

Currently, for homeless veteran families in the United States, the VA’s program only reimburses housing agencies for the costs of the veteran, not their dependent family members.

The Homeless Veteran Families Act ensures that VA funds allocated to housing agencies cover the veteran and their children.  Steil supported this legislation to fix this wrong.

In comparison, for non-veteran homeless families in the United States, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services already provides funds to agencies that house the parents and children.

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