Contact: Sally Fox

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Tonight, Bryan Steil delivered a speech on the House floor regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Last month, Steil held an agriculture roundtable in Burlington, Wisconsin. Steil heard from the agriculture community about supporting farmers and modernizing trade deals with Canada and Mexico.

Click on photo to watch and download a video of the floor speech

Full text of floor speech is below:

Mr. Speaker,

We must set a vote on USMCA. 

Wisconsin farmers are struggling. 

Low milk prices and a limited access to international markets are hurting our farmers. 

NAFTA was implemented over 25 years ago. 

Farming, technologies, and markets have changed. 

It’s time for a modern trade deal—it’s time to protect workers and farmers.

I recently met with Wisconsin’s agriculture industry in Burlington and there was one takeaway from this meeting: the USMCA will help Wisconsin farmers. 

Our farmers will see increased market access, 

Our products will be able to compete on the global stage,

Our workers will have the opportunity to succeed. 

Mr. Speaker, 

Let’s vote on USMCA.

Wisconsin farmers need our help.

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