Wisconsin is holding very important statewide elections on Tuesday, April 2nd, and I want to tell you about the candidates that we are endorsing.

In 2018, we made history by increasing the Latinx vote by over 33% statewide. In many of Milwaukee’s majority-Latinx South Side neighborhoods, the turnout in the 2018 mid-terms was actually higher than in the 2016 Presidential election. That’s a big deal and we need to keep the momentum going. Our votes on April 2nd will shape the state’s government for years to come and build our voting power for 2020.

We want to start by telling you why we’re supporting Judge Lisa Neubauer for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Neubauer will help restore balance to the court, which will decide many very important cases in the next few years. Undoing the Republican lame-duck power grab, expanding healthcare, creating fair electoral districts — these will all likely be decided by the court. Judge’s Neubauer’s opponent has made deeply bigoted remarks about LGBT peopleco-founded a private school that discriminated against LGBT parents, and helped write Act 10. He was actually Scott Walker’s lawyer. By contrast, Judge Neubauer will be fair and impartial, and she will respect the basic dignity of all Wisconsinites. Next Tuesday, vote Judge Lisa Neubauer for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Second, local elections in Milwaukee. We are excited to endorse five strong advocates for public education for the Milwaukee School Board:

  • Bob Peterson, Member At Large
  • Marva Herndon, District 1
  • Emily Siemsen, District 2
  • Sequanna Taylor, District 3
  • Megan O’Halloran, District 8

These five leaders will support our community’s fight for increased funding for public education and oppose continued cuts and privatization. They will work to strengthen multicultural studies programs, bilingual education, and support for refugee and immigrant students. Click here to see the map of school districts.

We have also endorsed Danielle Shelton for Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Branch 40. Danielle is a single mom, a public defender, and someone who has dedicated her career to working for equal treatment for poor and working class people in the legal system. If elected, she would be the third African-American woman to become a judge in Wisconsin. Vote Danielle Shelton for Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Branch 40!

Third, we are proud to endorse Jennifer Levie for District 5 Alderman in Racine. Jen has taught English as a Second Language in Racine public schools for over 20 years. She is a former president of the Racine Education Association, an NAACP member, and she has been a member-leader of Voces de la Frontera Action from the beginning. Vote Jennifer Levie for District 5 Alderman!

We are also endorsing John Tate II for re-election as District 3 Alderman in Racine. Alderman Tate championed the Driver Licenses for All resolution passed by the Racine Common Council. He’s a social worker, the son of a union family, and someone with a long history of standing up for progressive values. Re-elect John Tate II for Racine Alderman in District 3!

Click here to find your polling place and see what’s on your ballot. Polls are open statewide on Tuesday, April 2, from 7am to 8pm. Let’s do this!

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