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MILWAUKEE – On Wednesday afternoon, Republican leaders of the Joint Finance Committee announced that they will remove several so-called “non-fiscal” provisions from Governor Evers’ proposed budget, including measures to restore access to driver licenses and in-state tuition at public colleges to immigrants in Wisconsin. Also on Wednesday, thousands of people joined Voces’ Day Without Latinxs & Immigrants general strike and rally at the Capitol in Madison to urge the legislature to restore driver licenses for immigrants. Over 200 businesses closed. Participants came from dozens of cities across the state.

“The justification given by the Republican leadership on the Joint Finance Committee to remove these pro-immigrant provisions because they are ‘non-fiscal’ items is false,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera. “Investing in driver licenses and educational opportunities for Wisconsin’s youth will help our economy grow. The May 1st Day Without Latinxs & Immigrants community-wide strike showed that there is broad support for restoring in-state tuition and driver licenses for immigrants in Wisconsin. We are committed to building on that bipartisan community support and working with legislators from both parties, business associations, and the grassroots throughout the state to ensure that these measures get passed this year, either through the budget process or as standalone bills.”

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