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 Prairie Financial Group Repositions Brands to Prairie Trust and Waukesha State Bank Wealth Management

WAUKESHA, Wis. (January 2, 2019) –  Waukesha State Bank, a full-service community bank with 13 locations in Waukesha County, is dividing theirPrairie Financial Group division into two separate brands — Prairie Trust and Waukesha State Bank Wealth Management.

Initially launched in 2013 as an advisor-friendly trust division, Prairie Financial Group was branded with the intent to expand its national footprint as a delegated personal trust administrator. However, with the recent growth of its other wealth management services, there’s become a need for added emphasis on the local connection to Waukesha State Bank.

“Our wealth management services, while well-established, are not well-known as a part of the bank’s offerings, making relationships more difficult to build at a local level. This has led us to the natural decision to rebrand to Prairie Trust and Waukesha State Bank Wealth Management,” said Victor Schultz, President & Chief Fiduciary Officer.

Prairie Trust will focus strictly on personal trust administration and estate settlement services. Replacing “Financial Group” with “Trust” is intended to highlight the trust and fiduciary administration services provided, which is unique from many other financial service firms.

Waukesha State Bank Wealth Management will become the brand for investment management, financial planning and qualified retirement plan services. These services are primarily provided to local clients who have additional commercial and retail relationships with Waukesha State Bank, bringing the banking and investment needs together under one brand. This change will also support the launch of private banking services later in the year.

“Waukesha State Bank is a well-known brand in southeast Wisconsin and we believe it is important to align the wealth management services and banking under that name, while continuing to expand Prairie Trust at a national level. Moving forward, clients will enjoy the same exceptional service from our team, now delivered under two brands,” said Schultz.

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