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Madison…Rep. Scott Krug (R-Rome) focuses on the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality in the Weekly Radio Address for Wisconsin State Republicans.

Hello, I’m State Representative Scott Krug, Assembly member of the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality and the Committee on the Environment.

We’ve all heard that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Did you know that Wisconsin is the land of over 15,000 lakes? Some areas of the state however are noticing reduced quality of some of those bodies of water.

We are also sitting on top of aquifers containing over one quadrillion gallons of water, yet some areas of the state have problems with contaminated drinking water.

The legislature has recognized the need to find balance in economic development and protecting our precious water resources. To that end Speaker Vos has created a Task Force to find solutions to these issues and more. Watch for announcements as to where and when our task force will be meeting as we need your input.

The more everyone is involved the better the ability to help create good public policy to benefit us all. 

To learn more about the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality, visit the legislature’s website at Thanks for listening!”

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