Rep. Shannon Zimmerman
(608) 266-1526

Madison… Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) focuses on the budget in the Weekly
Radio Address for Wisconsin State Republicans.
Hi. This is Wisconsin State Representative Shannon Zimmerman. Wisconsin’s economy is in a great position thanks to a laser like focus on the economy over the last eight years. The dividend from this focus has produced an almost billion dollar surplus and has allowed the Legislature to invest in our priorities.

The last budget invested over a half billion dollars in public education, held the line on property taxes, and increased grants for farmer assistance. The Legislature continues this focus even as Gov. Evers tries to raise taxes on farmers and increase welfare benefits.
Wisconsin will not move backwards, we will continue to hold the line on taxes and right-size
your government. As we move forward in the budget process, Republican members of the Joint Finance Committee stand together with taxpayers ready to defend our accomplishments and continue to move Wisconsin forward.

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