MADISON, WI – Crowds of strikers participated in rallies organized both at MG&E and at the State Capitol Building. With thousands of others striking in solidarity in Wisconsin and almost 4 million worldwide, lead the charge for climate mobilization in Madison. Madison and statewide strikes were coordinated by Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) and a coalition of Madison environmental groups.


One point strikers wanted to make clear was that Madison Gas & Electric’s (MGE) plans to go carbon-neutral by 2050 was too little, too late.


YCAT Executive Director, Max Prestigiacomo said, “How dare MGE release a statement proclaiming their support and agreement with our protests. They are correct, their plan aligns with research in the IPCC report, but according to that exact same report, their empty promise of carbon-neutral by 2050 provides a 50 percent chance of staying below the 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming which would trigger a catastrophic chain of events. MGE is bargaining with our lives. In a life or death situation, would you take 50 percent odds?”


As a statewide effort, people from all over Wisconsin striked in solidarity with the demand that Governor Evers declare a state of emergency on the climate crisis.


“Those in power have neglected to acknowledge their privilege on the issue of climate injustice.  Marginalized, mainly low-income & black/brown communities, like my own here in Milwaukee, have to forgo things like clean water and air while having to live through the tragic impacts of it all. I’m ashamed to see that my Governor and other politicians offer only rhetoric at a time of crisis. We do not need their retweets or their press releases saying they are inspired by us, we need their action.” said Ayanna Lee, YCAT Executive Director.

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